The company headquarters is a building complex located in the P.I.P. area of Parabita, consisting of four contiguous lots with a total surface area of approx. 3870 square metres. The project, which is the result of close collaboration with the G.R.A.U. studio in Rome, involved the construction of two large sheds for processing natural stone and wood, the location of the various work machinery for the storage of both raw and processed material, and also the location of a department destined for organisation of the work itself.

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Another important sector of the facility is the area used for display, which is characterised by a series of pyramid-shaped laminated wood roofs, supported by solid wood plates fixed to the ground by means of metal anchoring plates.
The load-bearing structure of the entire building comprises bearing walls on three of its sides covered by a concrete and masonry ceiling; the fourth wall on the west side consists of a single window with anodised aluminum frame and mirrored glass to ensure the best possible illumination of the building, and to create an architectural detail that gives prominence to the entire structure.
At the centre of this wall there is a semi-circular body which, on the ground floor, houses the technical-administrative management headquarters and, on the first floor, a meeting room.