research and development

The Framework Convention signed on 26 September 2009 between Impresa Leopizzi 1750 and the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Bari, in the person of DICAR Director Prof. Claudio D'Amato Guerrieri (, together with the partnerships with prestigious research institutions, including the ancient French Association of Compagnons Du Devoir (Collaboration Agreement signed in 2004), and with other universities including the University of Salento, has led the company to invest in research applied to new construction and restoration, as well as basic research and design, with particular attention to the new dictates of stone stereotomy.

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Through cooperation with the Polytechnic of Bari and other similar bodies at international level (French, Spanish, etc.), the company's headquarters is a forum for Master's courses, workshops and training courses, with advanced training activities for the preparation of professional excellence and research projects among companies from different countries, with the aim of encouraging the development of synergies among the different actors in the contemporary market.
The facility, which aims to train sector professionals at the highest level, places itself at the disposition of its own community, in a vision that is not only national, but also European and international, and in the belief that progress, research and development are the foundations of the knowledge society and represent the future of our way of living and of the next generations.

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