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Impresa Leopizzi 1750 has helped organise and has participated in numerous national and international shows and exhibitions, displaying both its products in Lecce stone and materials and techniques applied in the restoration sector.

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The following are some of particular interest:

- 1987: "XVII Milan Triennale", setting up the entrance with a stone fountain-flower display for urban furnishing of considerable size, designed by architect David Palterer of Florence, with issuance of certificate;
- 1990: Salentino Craft Show in Frankfurt (Germany), organised by the Lecce Chamber of Commerce;
- 1995: International “Helexpo" exhibition in Epirus (Greece);
- 1998: National "Artistika" Exhibition in Galatina (Lecce), organised by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of Bari, using slides and photographs to illustrate the most important restoration works on monuments carried out in the province of Lecce;
- 1998: Salon of Artistic and Cultural Heritage, at the Lingotto in Turin;
- 2005: "Fiera Marmomacc" in Verona, with the work Escalier Ridolfi", the prototype of a spiral staircase in pre-compressed load-bearing stone, which, after assembly, is perfectly meets its geometric unit requirements of stereotomy – Design: Arch. Claudio D'Amato Guerrieri and Arch. Giuseppe Fallacara;
- 2006: "X International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale", realisation of futuristic stereotomic works: "Portale Abeille", a barrel vault which, thanks to its stone structure, transfers pressure along the curve of the arc and perpendicularly to it, and "Obelisco Alexandros", whose joints mimic the anatomy of the knee patella, allowing the movement of blocks of Lecce stone without risk of breakage – Design: Arch. Claudio D'Amato Guerrieri and Arch. Giuseppe Fallacara;
-2009: Inauguration of "Domus Petrae A.R.T.I.S." in Parabita (Lecce), realization of "La Foglia" ("The Leaf"), the prototype of a large lithic projection for the creation of a cantilevered roof – Design: Arch. Giuseppe Fallacara;
- 2012: "Fiera Marmomacc" in Verona, construction of the dome of the "Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius" project – Design: Arch. Claudio D'Amato Guerrieri, Arch. Giuseppe Fallacara, Arch. Graziella Fittipaldi and Arch. Francesco Scricco;
- 2013: "Fiera Marmomacc" in Verona, with the installation of “Albero Litico” ("Lithic Tree") and "Spirale Anselmi" – Design: Arch. Claudio D'Amato Guerrieri and Arch. Giuseppe Fallacara, with the collaboration of Arch. Claudia Calabria.

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