In March 1982, Giuseppe Leopizzi started up the homonymous individual "GIUSEPPE LEOPIZZI" artisan company, registering it with the Lecce Chamber of Commerce in the "construction and processing of local stone" sector, alongside his father's company and reviving a laboratory for the carving and sculpture of Lecce stone, a material ennobled by Barocco Leccese (Lecce Baroque).

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In 1988, GIUSEPPE LEOPIZZI was registered with the National Builders' Register at the Ministry of Public Work in Categories 2, 3/A, 5/H and 11, thus enabling it to participate in the tenders for public works.
Since 1988, it has worked and collaborated with the Cultural Heritage Office of the Diocese of Nardò- Gallipoli, carrying out works of prestige in the restoration of monuments.
The “Giuseppe Leopizzi” company is registered with the Business Registry of the Puglia Region, and is a trustworthy company for many institutions and bodies in Italy, including:

- Superintendence of Cultural and Architectural Heritage for Puglia (Bari);
- Ministry of Public Works, working with the Regional Public Works Superintendency of Bari in both project preparation and execution;
- Ministry of Interior - Rome;
- Ministry of Defence - Rome, having participated in several works tenders whose status is confidential;
- Provincial and Municipal Administrations.

1999 saw the most important transformation: the individual Giuseppe Leopizzi company is incorporated by IMPRESA LEOPIZZI 1750 S.R.L., currently holding SOA certification for categories "OG1", "OG2" and "OS2-A", respectively, for III, V and I classifications, and operating according to the "UNI EN ISO 9001:2008" quality system. In the same company, since the foundation, Giuseppe Leopizzi has held the positions of managing director and technical director. In 2013, Giuseppe Leopizzi was joined in the technical management of the company by his son Gaetano, already a partner, who graduated in architecture from the "La Sapienza" University of Rome.
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