For twelve generations, the Leopizzi family has worked in the construction and monument recovery sectors. Historical investigations show that in 1750 Giuseppe Leopizzi, continuing his father’s trade, carried out restoration of a small church in the old town centre of Parabita.

The Impresa Leopizzi 1750 s.r.l. name embraces the philosophy underlying its activities: to continue the secular tradition of the art of stone working, according to a vision focused on advanced training of new generations of professionals in the field of cultural heritage and stone constructions.


In the direct line of the Leopizzi family tree, the first member to work in the construction and monument recovery sectors was Giuseppe Leopizzi who, as attested by official documents preserved in the diocesan archives, carried out restoration of a small church in the old town centre of Parabita in 1750.

In the 1940s, Gaetano Leopizzi, who learned the art from his father and grandfather, both well established craftsmen, started his own construction company, the “Gaetano Leopizzi” company, and has dedicated himself with success to the urban development of Parabita over the last forty years. A skilled stonemason, he decided to open a laboratory for carving and sculpting Lecce stone in 1970.

From the outset, Gaetano’s son Giuseppe started working for the company and, at the age of just 20, became technical and administrative director, giving a major boost to the company’s development during the period from 1982 to 1988.

Foto storica azienda Leopizzi 1750

In March 1982, he set up the homonymous individual “Giuseppe Leopizzi” artisan company alongside his father’s company, reviving a laboratory for carving and sculpting Lecce stone, a material ennobled by Barocco Leccese (Lecce Baroque).

In 1988, the Giuseppe Leopizzi company was registered with the National Builders’ Register at the Ministry of Public Works, enabling it to participate in tenders for public works and it immediately began to work and cooperate with the Cultural Heritage Office of the Diocese of Nardo-Gallipoli, carrying out prestigious works in the restoration of monuments.

1999 saw the most important transformation: Giuseppe Leopizzi’s individual company was incorporated by Impresa Leopizzi 1750 S.R.L., in which, since the foundation, Giuseppe Leopizzi has held the positions of managing director and technical director. In 2013, Giuseppe Leopizzi was joined in the technical management of the company by his son Gaetano, already a partner, who graduated in architecture from the “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

Cimitero Leopizzi 1750
antichi cimeli azienda Leopizzi 1750

On 18 April 2012, Impresa Leopizzi 1750 s.r.l. was listed by Unioncamere (Italy’s Chamber of Commerce) in the “HISTORIC COMPANIES REGISTER – BUSINESSES THAT HAVE MADE THE HISTORY OF ITALY”.

Registro azienda Leopizzi 1750