Impresa Leopizzi 1750 s.r.l. has “SOA” certification for categories “OG1”, “OG2” and “OS2-A”, respectively, for III, V and I classifications, and operates according to the “UNI EN ISO 9001:2008” quality system. The company is included in the trustworthy lists of many bodies and institutions.


During its ten years of activity, the company has guaranteed and offers the highest levels of quality in the following sectors:

New buildings with special architectural value.

Reconstruction, renovation and restoration of artistic and monumental heritage, complete with connected works

Impresa Leopizzi 1750 can boast the highest level of experience, and to which we owe, among other things, to have been the first company in the Puglia Region to apply, on listed monuments, the technique of armed injections, following the collaboration with the most important companies in the sector, for example in the consolidation works of Ponte Milvio in Rome in the 1980s.

Restoration and preservation of works of art of any kind; l’impresa è specializzata nel restauro dei seguenti supporti e materiali: Legno, Pietra, Metalli, Cartapesta, Ceramiche, Affreschi e dipinti, Stucchi.

Stone vaults of any type and size, construction ex novo and reconstruction.

Manufacture of bespoke, wood, stone and wrought iron furniture and furnishings.

Urban redevelopment, such as, for example, for the works of the 1st lot “Ex Officine Cantelmo” in Lecce.

Architectural design, from urban scale to detail of elements of furniture.

Staging shows and exhibitions.

Multi-purpose room, has been created in which educational training courses, meetings and conferences are organised, thanks to the presence of a state-of-the-art projection and audio-visual system. In addition, a control room makes it possible to record events and transmit in live-streaming on any web platform.

Starting in 2014, Impresa Leopizzi 1750 began extending its field of ​​competence, entering into the sectors of management and enhancement of cultural heritage through the award, in A.T.I., of the “Additional Services” tender for the most important artistic and cultural sites and monuments in the Puglia region, including Castel del Monte (BAT), the Archaeological Museum of Taranto and the Swabian Castle of Bari.