In March 1982, Giuseppe Leopizzi started up the homonymous individual “GIUSEPPE LEOPIZZI” artisan company, registering it with the Lecce Chamber of Commerce in the “construction and processing of local stone” sector, alongside his father’s company and reviving a laboratory for the carving and sculpture of Lecce stone, a material ennobled by Barocco Leccese (Lecce Baroque).

In 1988, GIUSEPPE LEOPIZZI was registered with the National Builders’ Register at the Ministry of Public Work in Categories 2, 3/A, 5/H and 11, thus enabling it to participate in the tenders for public works.

Lecce - Palazzo Marrese
Albano Laziale (Roma) - Cattedrale di San Pancrazio
Lecce - Student Center Officine Cantelmo - Università del Salento
Gallipoli (Lecce) - Fontana Ellenistica
Galatone (Lecce) - Santuario del Santissimo Crocifisso della Pietà
Nardò (Lecce) - Palazzo Vescovile Le Cenate
Melissano (Lecce) - Chiesa del Gesù Redentore
Santa Maria di Leuca (Lecce) - Area Sacrale annessa alla Basilica Pontificia S. M. De Finibus Terrae
Galatone (Lecce) - Palazzo Marchesale Belmonte Pignatelli

Since 1988, it has worked and collaborated with the Cultural Heritage Office of the Diocese of Nardò- Gallipoli, carrying out works of prestige in the restoration of monuments, among which:
– restoration of the Episcope and former Seminary in Piazza Pio XI in Nardò (Le);
– restoration of the Bishop’s Palace in Contrada Cenate in Nardò (Le);
– construction of the “Oasi Tabor” Reception Center in Nardò (Le);
– construction of the “Gesù Redentore” parish complex in Melissano (Le).

Giuseppe Leopizzi, with a degree in architecture, as a technician specialized in the field of restoration, has been a member of the Sacred Art Commission of the Diocese of Nardò-Gallipoli since 1995, in charge of supervising all the works on cultural and non-cultural heritage of the Diocese ; he participated in a course for diocesan operators organized in Rome by the Italian Episcopal Conference in June 1996 with the issue of a certificate.

Brindisi – Porta Napoli and Limarie Basins XV century

Trust company of the Superintendence of Goods AA.AA.AA.SS. for Puglia (Bari), he attended refresher courses at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage in the “San Michele” complex in Rome.
You have carried out delicate restoration interventions on a contract from the Superintendency, including:
– consolidation of the “Madonna del Bosco” in Campi Salentina (Le);
– restoration of the 17th century wooden refectory of the Frati Minori Convent of Lequile (Le);
– restoration and consolidation of the “Torre Rinalda” of 1500 in Lecce;
– restoration and consolidation of the Capuchin Convent in Scorrano (Le).

Nardò (Lecce) Ex Seminario Vescovile

Nardò (Lecce) – Former Episcopal Seminary

A trusted company of the Ministry of Public Works, it collaborates with the Regional Public Works Superintendency of Bari both in the drafting of the projects and in the execution of the works, among the latter we note:
– restoration and consolidation of “Santa Maria delle Grazie” in Leverano (Le);
– restoration of the bishop’s palace in Nardò (Le).

Francavilla Fontana (Brindisi) - Area ipogea e Galleria Commerciale Piazza Umberto I
Gallipoli (Lecce) - Basilica Pontificia Concattedrale di Sant'Agata
Località Torre Rinalda (Lecce) - Torre Rinalda
Copertino (Lecce) - Convento di Santa Maria della Grottella in Copertino
Nardò (Lecce) - Oasi Tabor
Casarano (Lecce) - Palazzo Municipale Casarano
Parabita (Lecce) - Parco Archeologico
Muro Leccese (Lecce) - Palazzo del Principe
Gallipoli (Lecce) - Palazzo Fedele
Leverano (Lecce) - Convento S. Maria delle Grazie

Trust company of the Ministry of the Interior of Rome has performed through the peripheral office of the Prefecture of Lecce (Section F.E.C.):
– restoration of the Church of the Crucifix in Parabita (Le);
– restoration of the Spirito Santo church in Galatina (Le);
– restoration of the Augustinian church in Nardò (Le).

The Giuseppe Leopizzi company, registered in the Register of Companies of the Puglia Region, collaborates with various Local Authorities throughout Italy: Municipal and Provincial Administrations, among the most important works:
– restoration of the former Dominican Convent in Casarano (Le), seat of the current town hall;
– restoration of Porta Napoli in Brindisi;
– restoration of the “Madonna della Luce” church in Scorrano (Le);
– restoration of Palazzo della Gherardesca in Pisa, Piazza dei Cavalieri – Biblioteca Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa;
– Restoration and consolidation of the Sanctuary of SS. Crucifix in Galatone (Le);
– Restoration of the church of S. Maria dell’Assunta in Galatone (Le).

Tuglie (Lecce) – Church of SS. Annunziata


Trust company of the Ministry of Defense – Rome, it has competed in various tenders for works which cannot be given official status.

You have participated in training courses at the Community of Mediterranean Universities by attending courses organized by the “Scuola Universitaria C.U.M. Conservation of Monuments ”- Prof. Fulvio Zezza.

You participated in the II Edition of the VII Professional qualification course for engineers and architects organized by ASS.I.R.CO. (Italian Association for Recovery and Consolidation Constructions) in the field of “Project and construction site in the consolidation of historic buildings” with issue of certificate.

1999 saw the most important transformation: the individual Giuseppe Leopizzi company is incorporated by IMPRESA LEOPIZZI 1750 S.R.L., currently holding SOA certification for categories “OG1”, “OG2” and “OS2-A”, respectively, for III, V and I classifications, and operating according to the “UNI EN ISO 9001:2008” quality system. In the same company, since the foundation, Giuseppe Leopizzi has held the positions of managing director and technical director. In 2013, Giuseppe Leopizzi was joined in the technical management of the company by his son Gaetano, already a partner, who graduated in architecture from the “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

Giuseppe Leopizzi has held and holds institutional positions in Confindustria:

1983 - 1991
1992 - 1994
1994 - 1998
1994 - 1997
1996 - 2000
1998 - 2002
dal 1999
dal 2011

National Delegate of Assindustria Lecce at the Confindustria Council in Rome.

Vice president of the Youth Group of Assindustria of Lecce.

President of the Youth Group of Assindustria of Lecce.

With ministerial decree of the Merchant Navy, he is part of the Port Works Management Committee of Gallipoli.

Member of the Joint Committee between the University of Lecce and the Confindustria of Lecce.

Head of Confindustria Lecce Cultural Heritage policies.

He is part of the Technical Committee and Council of CONFIDI (Collective Consortium of Credit Guarantee) of Lecce, the most important in Puglia.

He is President of Eurofidi Puglia, until the merger with Fidindustria Puglia, a consortium of Confindustria-inspired trust, of which he is still Vice President and responsible for the provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto.

Delegate to the Credit of Confindustria Lecce.

He is one of the six councilors of the National ConfCultura Executive Board.
He is part of a working group set up by the Chambers of Commerce between Italy and Greece to activate a series of initiatives in the cultural and economic field with the procurement of funding both at national and EU level.

He has participated in national and international exhibitions to exhibit both Lecce stone products of his own production and materials and techniques applied in the restoration sector. On the occasion of the International Handicraft Exhibition in Florence, he held the role of representative of the Lecce Chamber of Commerce.

In 1999 the Holy Father John Paul II appointed him “Commander of the Equestrian Order of St. Sylvester Pope”.

Casarano (Lecce) - Villa Novelli
Nardò (Lecce) - Palazzo Caputo Pellegrino
Taranto - Green Road
Manduria (Taranto) - Chiesa Sant'Antonio di Padova
Galatone (Lecce) - Palazzo Cipressa Mandoi
Scorrano (Lecce) - Chiesa Madonna della Luce
Gallipoli (Lecce) - Palazzo De Donno
Lecce - Palazzo Piccinno
Tuglie (Lecce) - Villa Prandico
Alezio (Lecce) - Tenuta Rocci Cerasoli
Albano Laziale (Roma) - Palazzo Lercari
Parabita (Lecce) - Palazzo P.zza Garibaldi
Novoli (Lecce) - Casina Spaccata Centro Internazionale Yoga Anand
Brindisi - Palazzo Dionisi
Nardo (Lecce) - Chiesa San Francesco da Paola